An electrical outlet is not part of your booth package unless otherwise approved by Show Management.

Ordering 120 Volt Electric:
    • If your equipment plugs into a standard U.S. household outlet, you will require a 120 volt circuit.
    • Most equipment will have a stamp or plate that identifies the wattage or amperage needed to operate.
    • Usage:  (Usually but can vary)
      • Up to 500 watts:  TV, CD player, DVD, Laptop, Expo Reader, Lighting (up to two fixtures)
      • Up to 2000 watts:  Vacuums, crock pots, hair dryers, popcorn machines, heat lamps, laser printers, copy machines.
    • To determine how much wattage to order, simply add the total wattage for all of your equipment/bulbs that require power.
    • Each outlet included is a SINGLE plug-in. Three way adapters and/or power strips can be provided at an additional cost.
    • Outlets are to be ordered separately by each exhibitor and cannot be shared with other exhibitors.
    • Placement of outlets:
      • In Line and Peninsula Booths - Located at the rear of the booth.
      • Island Booths - Located in most convenient location nearest available power source.
    • ****Exceptions include orders submitted with a layout.  See
  • Exhibitors are responsible for supplying 220V to 110V International Converters as well as GFI's.  If Exhibitor cannot provide, Commonwealth will provide at an additional charge but cannot guarantee availability.

Ordering power for industrial equipment and production power may require 208-480 volt single and three phase electric.
  • Verify rating and phase on stamp or plate on equipment being powered.
  • Note your 208 volt connection on form, i.e cams, nema, pin and sleeve, etc.
  • Contact Commonwealth Electric when ordering power over 208v 60amp single or three phase.
  • A MINIMUM of one hour labor is required for EACH 208v or greater connection.
  • Please specify on layout exact placement of service.

Conditions and Regulations
  • All equipment, regardless of source of power, must comply with all federal, state, and city safety codes.
  • All equipment must be properly tagged and wired with complete information as to type of current, voltage, phase, cycle, horsepower, etc.
  • All exhibitors' cords must be 3 wire and grounded.  Use of open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire is strictly prohibited.
  • All exposed, non current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which can potentially be energized, shall be grounded.
  • All motors over 3hp must have magnetic starters and disconnecting switch furnished by the exhibitor.
  • Commonwealth Electric is not responsible for voltage fluctuations of power due to temporary conditions.