•  Lights ordered from Commonwealth Electric include installation and power to those lights only.
  • Any repairs, relocations or alterations to our lights must be done by our electricians and may be subject to an additional charge.
  • There is no additional charge for removal of our light fixtures or equipment.
  • Broken or burned out bulbs will be replaced by us at no charge.

Track Lighting - Track lighting requires the exhibitor to order steel light bar from the decorator for installation. - Order includes 3 light fixtures, power for the light track only, your choice of bulbs.  Please select your choice of bulbs on the order form. - The light track can hold a maximum of 1000 watts total.  Exhibitors’ fixtures will not be allowed in our tracks unless installed by our electricians at an additional charge.

Arm Lights & Clamp-On - Arm Lights can be placed on steel only. - Clamp-On lights can be placed on either steel or hard wall.

Please step up to the Service Desk prior to show open if you need your lights adjusted or replaced.